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+DEV+ Pt 11. Soul Care: Time Facts

Date: December 29, 2014 10:39 PM
Topic: +DEV+  Pt 11. Soul Care:  Time Facts

Pt 11. Soul Care:

. . . There is a dichotomy in many Christian minds.   Did you ever say by word or deed,  "I can give my life to Christ, but not my time"?  This is disastrous.  If your life is truly God's, then your time is totally his.
This presents a problem, because most of us complain that we do not have enough time to do all we ought to do (another deception of the devil).  Instead, consider some facts about time:

1.  There is enough time to do all you ought to do.  God knows there are only 24 hours in each day and 168 in every week.  He puts them there, so he would be unreasonable to expect more of you than you have time to do.  And God is never unreasonable!
2.  There is not enough time to do all you want to do or other people expect you to do.  You have to make a choice.
3.  Everything worthwhile takes time.  Relationships take time to build and keep healthy.  Christianity involves our relationships with God and others.
4.  If you choose to do what you ought to do, you will not have time to do what you should not do.  The best way to keep from evil is to do good.
5.  You have the same amount of time as anybody else, including the President of the United States.
6.  The way you spend "free time" (the time you have a choice about) is a good indication of your value system, what you think is important.

You have been spending every bit of your time now - 168 hours every week of your life  - exchanging it for something every time you use it.  By how you regularly spend it, you have established a lifestyle.
Growing as a person is always a result of what you do with your time.  Your soul's growth will be implemented by a change in your lifestyle, a change in how you use each precious moment.  

No time = No soul care
Quality time - Quality soul care

Are you prepared to pay the price?


From the book: 
'Soul Care'
By Peter Lord

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