Friday, December 19, 2014

+DEV+ Pt 4. Soul Care: The Church's Responsibility

Date: December 19, 2014 12:47 AM
Topic: +DEV+  Pt 4. Soul Care: The Church's Responsibility

Pt 4 Soul Care:

. . .From sermons and articles in church publications, members often are reminded of their responsibility to their particular church.  While this is a vital factor if a church is to be healthy, the responsibility must be reciprocal if the member is to be healthy.  Otherwise, the church is not really a church.

Why should a person join a church?  What advantage is there in belonging to a church?  What are the benefits for a member?

One of the main tasks of the church is offering watch-care to those who become a part of her.  The church says to its member, "Come, we will watch over your soul.  We will give the care and advice that is necessary to help you to be whole before God and in your relationships with fellow human beings."

Churches need to move from only being concerned about the strong, the rich, and those who are able to help build successful programs.  A true church is one who aims to: 
(a). Lovingly go after people when they have been absent.
(b). Have a system in place that clearly identifies when a person does not attend.  
(c). Have a budget, not only for salaries, buildings, and literature, but also for helping those members who need temporary (or long-term) financial assistance.
(d). Have a special plan for helping widows, single mothers, and orphans.
Make sure all members are treated the same way, regardless of their financial position.
Christians cannot grow to maturity without a church that aggressively provides the necessary ingredients for effective watch-care.
Nevertheless, no church can do its job of winning and preserving healthy souls without the full cooperation of its membership.   For us, that means working for our mutual purpose of "being Christ" for the world by spending quality time toward that end.  This kind of time requirement is not fulfilled because we occupy a pew at worship services or attend each and every Sunday School pageant of church supper.
Quality time at church means spending meaningful hours with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is a time of participation - of give and take - a time of interaction and intimacy . . . .

From the book: 
'Soul Care'
By Peter Lord

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