Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Something Has Gone Wrong. SWING VOTE Pt. 4

Date: September 2, 2015 11:34 PM
Topic: Something Has Gone Wrong.   SWING VOTE Pt. 4

Something Has Gone Wrong
Pt. 4
by Darrel and Cindy Deville

As the church, we are the body of Christ in the earth, anointed and equipped by God to lead and be "agents of change," a  shining light releasing heaven and God's will into the earth (Matt. 6:10).  But something has gone terribly wrong.

For decades much of the American church has been like a sleeping giant who has fallen into a lukewarm and disrepute state.  Instead of taking our place as salt and light, we have instead given way allowing the kingdom of darkness to invade, to sow, and take root all across our nation.  "While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares" (Matt. 13:25).  And in spite of numerous efforts to influence society and the culture, much of the American church instead has been influenced and conformed to the culture and its ways.  As a result we have allowed the progressive stripping away of our godly foundations as our nation continues to spiral downward.

It's undeniable; we are in an epic battle for the soul of our nation.  And now the American church and our nation are like a war zone with casualties everywhere.  We are seeing burnt out, broken and backslidden pastors, as well as lives, marriages and families with broken hearts, broken homes and broken dreams.  So many are confused, are deceived, have gone astray and become prey to the enemy (the kingdom of darkness). . . .

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