Friday, September 4, 2015

What Has Held Us Back. SWING VOTE pt.5

Date: September 4, 2015 1:40 AM
Topic: What Has Held Us Back.   SWING VOTE pt.5

What Has Held Us Back
Pt. 5
by Darrel and Cindy Deville

Many with great concern have been speaking of and praying for a great awakening and reformation to bring change, but why have we not yet seen it?  And why have most of our efforts seemed to be - one step forward, two steps back?
The reality is the American church has been greatly hindered and largely ineffective because she has been compromised at most every level.  Not only have we compromised and watered down God's Word of truth, but in both the pulpits and pews, we are seeing unbelievable statistics of adultery, divorce, drunkenness, homosexuality and abortions.  More than 68% of men in church and in excess of 50% percent of pastors are regularly viewing pornography!  Sin and compromise abounds in the pulpits and pews of America.
Because of all this, like Samson with Delilah, we have been stripped of our strength, our vision, and our voice.  Is this perhaps why the world scoffs at our calls for righteous change?
The fact is, we (the American church) are actually part of the problem!  And before we can bring true reformation to our nation we need to reform our own house first.  Before we can get the White House in order we need to get our house in order. . . .

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